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Bovine Eyes

Buttermilk beige heifers lowing, gathered, herded in a field; fence to separate from grass greener the other side, out of reach, even from rose pink tongues.  Bovine eyes long large for freedom. Udders hang heavy, no calves anymore to suckle.... Continue Reading →


Not Stellar, But Vital

Veins - roadmap present and past, not stellar, but vital those fluids there within. Scarlet a hue incomparable, given potency of ancestors.  Unwritten but known this burden of continuation of the line in life. Violet blue a trickle under pallid... Continue Reading →


Empty space - pressing silence of the voided brain, numb from quotidian ennuyeux.  Salvation in a pen, a pointed piece of lead even (outlet for the sparks, electrical creative impulses flying, leaping to the page to soothe the spirit weakened... Continue Reading →


Birds sway aloft in branches insubstantial, at tree's peak, a leaf-barren perch now that Summer has faded to a frost. Black bodies but little shadows, winter ready, rippling against bleak canvas of clouds - grey, now white, and mixed with... Continue Reading →

Fallen Capital

Head detached from yet verdant stem, recumbent on granite cold in the peace of morn. Sight strange to behold, still discombobulated from sleep, by dreams. Picks up the fallen capital and a petal peels to caress, before nails pinch into skin... Continue Reading →


Dark pool of black coffee surface glass in which to gaze and see the past - circles rippling in a mug jogged atop rickety table strewn with crumbs of yesterday's breakfast, and his yawn irritates because she knows she should have... Continue Reading →

Garden of England

Oh, garden of England... Low-hung clouds a soft caress to tree-topped hills brush over high, proud breasts of verdant boughs; willow's waves reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite locks swaying in the ever-more-violent breeze... The seasonal prelude to winter brewing to blow from... Continue Reading →

Heart of All

Feet to pavement pounding to a rhythm set to stereo blasting - vicious strains of rapper white shouting out his false-sung plight, tight within a language not his own - and as sound of hooded youths recedes it is replaced... Continue Reading →

No Body Could Enter In

She knew his face. Not just the face that stood on the corner, watching; but the face that stood in the corner, watching while she slept. She knew this couldn't be, locked her doors once, twice, then three - no... Continue Reading →

After All That

After the hours, the moments too many deep in waiting, deep in longing; and after the pain from nights stretched taught with uncertainty, chest tight (so tight) with anxiety - after all that, breath is shallow, pallor drained from a brain... Continue Reading →


Juice of stone fruit runs down her wrist; her tongue licks at the sweet trail, elbow to palm, and his eyes staring into hers as his own tongue traced a more delicious path flashes across memory. She starts, body electric;... Continue Reading →


Eye lashes caked with dust and tears, booted feet forward step leaving behind the years she stayed; she survived. Throat burnt dry, lips parched cracked she struggles on, skin slick with grimy sweat, a drop of which makes a slow... Continue Reading →

Cala Lilies

Every body a shadow causes.. The sluggish thought mind still numb with recent pain mulled over, eyes red rimmed (one with blood vessel popped and pooled) and watching the light flicker and dance behind curtains still drawn to keep strangers'... Continue Reading →

Nothing More Painful

Finger opened with a papercut that oozed the colour of the poppies bleeding over the book unopened beside the offending tome. Its dry words - displayed, revealed still - insipid black and white remained while her blood dotted pale blue... Continue Reading →

Black / White

Green the hue imbued with peace for her soul; verdancy rustling in a morning breeze. Grey the skies as canvas for birds in forward flight, to their unique freedom ever moving. Pale she stands, her feet here remain, sunk deep... Continue Reading →

Tonight They’d Listen

Rain brought a melancholy. Just like that music, he'd said, laying together in sheets still warm - blissful buffer against outside; knowledge that something so right to feel could be so wrong to do. She watched the rain now, longed... Continue Reading →

Colourless Knight

It started in her gut, that dull ache that held a breath - pendant, waiting - just behind the ribs.  Pain spreading like a thick oil over bones visible just beneath the skin.  Fear gripped her: body, mind, all. It... Continue Reading →

Sad Feathered Song

Birdsong penetrates through the roof - slates no shield against such power in music beautiful, a natural magic - bursts to a brain still in slumber and there converts to dreams more active thoughts played out unawares in a mind... Continue Reading →

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