Borders (Re)Imagined

New writing across genres and fictional worlds; a new voice in an increasingly writing world.

Hands of Youth

Eager fingertips squeeze buds so quickly aged, nails pinching into brown petals, scattering black and shiny beetles, so many a cloud, near-swarm, of insects springs for safety from curious hands, mud-streaked skin backdrop to spray of vernal colour, rainbow hues,... Continue Reading →

Visage Ghost-Like

Visage ghost-like, near one with the mist cloying to skin, to hair, to silken clothes and fair blossom there, budding early in vernal season, bewitched by promise of sun to heat to bloom - full and fragrant - Earth and... Continue Reading →


Exhalation, an outward breath to lift feathers pendant, overhead - decoration natural to webs cloyed with dreams.  She breathes, still half in, half out of sleep unsweet. Her brain awakens into thought, eyes admiring the framed bird, sketch birthed before... Continue Reading →

String Player

Strings played with passion, elation of masochistic edge pressed into skin - expression, impression physical of artistry, music of the spheres. Her heartbeat elevates. Each painful shift pleasures, keens interpretation. Her body responds, relaxes into performance of the piece, audience... Continue Reading →

Golden Host

Bud blooming into brilliance with a scream from the overpassing jet - Mother Nature the womb from which such vibrant yellow is birthed, again and again - it stretches towards the light in silence. The nature poet 'twas who wrote of... Continue Reading →

Priestess of petals

A priestess of petals was how she felt once a week, tending to the vases, their flowers and their leaves, deadheading those too far gone, decapitating still those with colour enough for a plated table display. An artist of ritual she... Continue Reading →


Inhalation sweet, the vape with in-drawn breath she tastes. A pause elongated, relished: society's preferred alternative to smoke, and gateway to another world. Her daddy used to call her stargazer.  In a haze, her mind travels back to the days of... Continue Reading →

The Hyacinths

The hyacinths were blue. Though she'd specifically said, made it firmly known, that her preference was for a pink bunch (how wonderful to be able to buy bunches of the spring bloom, rather than waking bulbs in overpriced pots that... Continue Reading →

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