Borders (Re)Imagined

New writing across genres and fictional worlds; a new voice in an increasingly writing world.


Crumpled bits of paper -  their purpose crushed in a singular fist.  The necessary, the desired; hopes and dreams intermingled with the humdrum. All discarded; all done with. She regarded the growing pile: would she remember their contents in a... Continue Reading →



Sheets tangled, intertwined with feet, skin thus clothed and unclothed by fabric and the cool air of the morning. Room an awakening  to the night just passed, only remnant the glass  his lips had touched.

Leaf Shadow

Frail leaf, even its shadow trapped, imprisoned in the tangled web, aided by bodiless breeze - useless. The sun rises further; leaf quivers on into dust. The lady smiles.

Summer Fruit

Lips swollen, she bites into the soft red flesh, juice and seeds dribbling down her chin, her neck; the summer fruit still held in a poised hand, colour offset by cherry nails just done. Heat of the midday hour presses... Continue Reading →

The Faces

The faces crowd round, calling, laughing; there, by the bed.  Some, overhead. Faces, teeth bared; discoloured  reveal of white a sign of malintent.  These ghoulish masks, these snarling beasts: nocturnal memory, night's rehash of her waking hell these days. The... Continue Reading →

The Tell

The crow swoops, beak open and beady eyes gleaming; with a caw - loud, harsh - she descends, smug, confident in her position. But she has a tell. A tell? A tell? Pray, tell what? - Well, despite this self-belief,... Continue Reading →


Forgotten volume, red leather binding faded with age and film of dust, swept through by a fingertip; ling'ring in a memory of a grandfather's lap and the heat of a fire by beslippered feet, dogs slumb'ring nearby, and the deep... Continue Reading →

The Decision

Birdsong raised to fever pitch, cacophony almost, the need to run with covered ears crawling along her veins, begging her to go - just go! - before she breathes, notices the flowers, the clich├ęd beauty, but it's there; it's air... Continue Reading →

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