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10 Books by Polish Women Writers That Should Be Translated [External Article]

If you’re a fan of foreign literature, there’s nothing more frustrating than having such a passion tempered by the inability to find translations of particular books. And when it comes to Polish books in translation, it’s like trying to find... Continue Reading →

Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko [External Article]

“The flower shop man dreams of happiness for the flowers he sold.” The poems of Taisho era writer Misuzu Kaneko (née Teru, 1903-1930) have become the subject of a new children’s book. Are You An Echo? is the creation of... Continue Reading →

5 Korean Books That You Should Be Reading Right Now [External Article]

It’s thrilling to hear that South Korea is becoming a more prominent player on the global literary scene.  As a fan of Japanese literature, this expanded acceptance of an Eastern written culture quite different from the West’s standards is heartening... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation: 6 Female Japanese Authors Whose Work Should Be Available in English [External Article]

Translation has been around forever, yet, since the Man Booker International Prize was established in 2005 and the Man Asian Literary Prize introduced in 2007, the state of literature in translation in English-speaking countries has been improving rapidly. That said,... Continue Reading →

Modernization and its Discontents: Contemporary Thai Writing in Today’s World [External Article]

Translator Mui Poopoksakul was recently asked by Words without Borders to write a discursive piece for a special November issue on the state of Thai writing within global publishing. Poopoksakul’s response was hopeful, but hesitant. Her own, first full-length book... Continue Reading →

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