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Wild Ways

Blackbird, dark spirit amid the bracken, yellow beak darts out from 'hind emerald leaf of fern to shimmer a hello, or herald warning of going further... For who knows what waits just around that corner, that: untamed and holly-curtained, bark... Continue Reading →

Contemplation in Isolation No.1

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” I have always had a routine, but that routine was mine. A freelancer from pretty much my earliest working days, the key element to the structure of those days, however, was an element... Continue Reading →

A Bed of Bluebells

Breath steams out on frigid air, out of doors - released - hands numb in pockets offering no warm relief from the chill stretching deep within and along skin pricked with deathly cold (no other sense of touch). Impenetrable now,... Continue Reading →

Wood and brick and glass like bars

Pigeons congregate in those empty spaces our feet used to fill, grass compressed beneath talons - not soles, not skin - red eyes watching still as these alien shoes run on by, eagerly snatching the day's hour's release. The rhythm... Continue Reading →


A heart of gold... All the same, though these wings - not feathered - are gilden too, they are fragile as the butterfly that floats aloft above low leaves, deep shaded flowers and secret fruits... You will not find sun-hued... Continue Reading →

Wings Tucked, Poised

Freedom - feet on muddy earth; rhythm to drown out frantic pulse of heart. A bird, she is, wings clipped by entity unseen; this cage so dark. But blossom blooms still - vivid, pink - and the grass grows yet,... Continue Reading →

Chaos in a Petri Dish

Breath - exhalation balanced; fine line between life and death. Choose not the hand, skin, on which to catch a sigh, a cough - but tissue all the same. Nature's been abused and she's had enough. Yet, we cut down... Continue Reading →

To Dream Upon the Lit Windows

From the suffocating closeness of the tube, flesh too close, smell of peanuts on breath a palpable touch uninvited to the point of indecency - to then change transport to overground was to breathe again, to hear (if one plugged... Continue Reading →

Pugnacious Pigeons

Two pugnacious pigeons sit atop a skip: one puffed up, the other one hit. Feathers fall with blossom as talons grip and slice. Who will be victor is a matter for the mice gathering and jeering, waiting for the kill.... Continue Reading →

Pollution Darkly Clouds the Scene

Branches spiked with leaves not, but starry buds to shield against background of barbed wire - Nature trapped between train and industry, Man either side glass to view or be viewed by. Pollution darkly clouds the scene and the herd... Continue Reading →

The Soil Will Need Healing

Quartet marking the end of time; Ionnattaian failed entertainment in post-apocalyptic, mechanistic fashion and the world's in chaos beneath a grime to film all means of transport home, to locus deemed "safe", stalled or derailed (in pieces, a mess; a... Continue Reading →

Portfolio – Inquisitr Continue Reading →

Bovine Eyes

Buttermilk beige heifers lowing, gathered, herded in a field; fence to separate from grass greener the other side, out of reach, even from rose pink tongues.  Bovine eyes long large for freedom. Udders hang heavy, no calves anymore to suckle.... Continue Reading →

Portfolio – AmReading Continue Reading →

Not Stellar, But Vital

Veins - roadmap present and past, not stellar, but vital those fluids there within. Scarlet a hue incomparable, given potency of ancestors.  Unwritten but known this burden of continuation of the line in life. Violet blue a trickle under pallid... Continue Reading →

Portfolio – One City London Continue Reading →


Empty space - pressing silence of the voided brain, numb from quotidian ennuyeux.  Salvation in a pen, a pointed piece of lead even (outlet for the sparks, electrical creative impulses flying, leaping to the page to soothe the spirit weakened... Continue Reading →


Birds sway aloft in branches insubstantial, at tree's peak, a leaf-barren perch now that Summer has faded to a frost. Black bodies but little shadows, winter ready, rippling against bleak canvas of clouds - grey, now white, and mixed with... Continue Reading →

Fallen Capital

Head detached from yet verdant stem, recumbent on granite cold in the peace of morn. Sight strange to behold, still discombobulated from sleep, by dreams. Picks up the fallen capital and a petal peels to caress, before nails pinch into skin... Continue Reading →

Love-Hunt the Darkness Out

Stray glance of light through dense overhang of foliage and the sudden shimmer of hope dances off dew drop remnants from dark veil of night, reminds her of eyes a verdant amber - bright, so bright when he looks at... Continue Reading →


Dark pool of black coffee surface glass in which to gaze and see the past - circles rippling in a mug jogged atop rickety table strewn with crumbs of yesterday's breakfast, and his yawn irritates because she knows she should have... Continue Reading →

Garden of England

Oh, garden of England... Low-hung clouds a soft caress to tree-topped hills brush over high, proud breasts of verdant boughs; willow's waves reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite locks swaying in the ever-more-violent breeze... The seasonal prelude to winter brewing to blow from... Continue Reading →

Heart of All

Feet to pavement pounding to a rhythm set to stereo blasting - vicious strains of rapper white shouting out his false-sung plight, tight within a language not his own - and as sound of hooded youths recedes it is replaced... Continue Reading →

No Body Could Enter In

She knew his face. Not just the face that stood on the corner, watching; but the face that stood in the corner, watching while she slept. She knew this couldn't be, locked her doors once, twice, then three - no... Continue Reading →

Twigs for a Dove

Rain had come in the night, but the leaves of the potted olive tree it hadn't dared touch beneath the wooden overhang - a shield to keep autumn away from summer's symbol; living, breathing emblem of the fields of Italy. ... Continue Reading →

After All That

After the hours, the moments too many deep in waiting, deep in longing; and after the pain from nights stretched taught with uncertainty, chest tight (so tight) with anxiety - after all that, breath is shallow, pallor drained from a brain... Continue Reading →


Juice of stone fruit runs down her wrist; her tongue licks at the sweet trail, elbow to palm, and his eyes staring into hers as his own tongue traced a more delicious path flashes across memory. She starts, body electric;... Continue Reading →


Eye lashes caked with dust and tears, booted feet forward step leaving behind the years she stayed; she survived. Throat burnt dry, lips parched cracked she struggles on, skin slick with grimy sweat, a drop of which makes a slow... Continue Reading →

Cala Lilies

Every body a shadow causes.. The sluggish thought mind still numb with recent pain mulled over, eyes red rimmed (one with blood vessel popped and pooled) and watching the light flicker and dance behind curtains still drawn to keep strangers'... Continue Reading →

The Unleashing

She was in the middle of a chromatic phrase when the news came.  Hand stilled over the fingerboard and bow drooped, the phone's shrill scream piercing her ears for a moment or two in discord with the piece she'd been... Continue Reading →

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