Every body a shadow causes..

The sluggish thought mind still numb

with recent pain mulled over, eyes

red rimmed (one with blood vessel

popped and pooled) and watching the light

flicker and dance behind curtains still drawn

to keep strangers’ and God’s vision from

the aftermath.


Her heart beat on.


Patches and polka dots of bruising dotted limbs

in shade of the cala lilies she’d been bought

just before.

A strange beauty, such floral shade on pallid skin,

tendons and veins raised under fragile dermis pricked

with remnant fear.


Maybe the outer light she should let in

to cleanse the soul… Don’t get ahead.  Her brain

at least, then, day-bleached of circular thoughts –

the night on repeat: vicious, vivid, violent.


She lay still, let these slow thoughts surround her

in stead of the duvet discarded on the floor,

body yet naked: a map of what was done.

Day would spend itself out and night return,

and so too him.


She closed her eyes and wept.