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Cala Lilies

Every body a shadow causes.. The sluggish thought mind still numb with recent pain mulled over, eyes red rimmed (one with blood vessel popped and pooled) and watching the light flicker and dance behind curtains still drawn to keep strangers'... Continue Reading →


The Unleashing

She was in the middle of a chromatic phrase when the news came.  Hand stilled over the fingerboard and bow drooped, the phone's shrill scream piercing her ears for a moment or two in discord with the piece she'd been... Continue Reading →

Nothing More Painful

Finger opened with a papercut that oozed the colour of the poppies bleeding over the book unopened beside the offending tome. Its dry words - displayed, revealed still - insipid black and white remained while her blood dotted pale blue... Continue Reading →

Black / White

Green the hue imbued with peace for her soul; verdancy rustling in a morning breeze. Grey the skies as canvas for birds in forward flight, to their unique freedom ever moving. Pale she stands, her feet here remain, sunk deep... Continue Reading →

Tonight They’d Listen

Rain brought a melancholy. Just like that music, he'd said, laying together in sheets still warm - blissful buffer against outside; knowledge that something so right to feel could be so wrong to do. She watched the rain now, longed... Continue Reading →

Waking Snapshot, Eyes Closed

A fingertip twitching on her pillow case of white linen is the first sensation she awakens with. Next, that particular clear light of morning, shining with luminous pressure onto and through eyelids determinedly shut against it.  Such thin membrane could... Continue Reading →

Colourless Knight

It started in her gut, that dull ache that held a breath - pendant, waiting - just behind the ribs.  Pain spreading like a thick oil over bones visible just beneath the skin.  Fear gripped her: body, mind, all. It... Continue Reading →

Sad Feathered Song

Birdsong penetrates through the roof - slates no shield against such power in music beautiful, a natural magic - bursts to a brain still in slumber and there converts to dreams more active thoughts played out unawares in a mind... Continue Reading →


In the wind, warmer now summer days aren't far beyond the month's approaching close, in the wind she hears a whisper, words of a wisdom once sought long ago in the luxuriously drawn out days of her childhood - so... Continue Reading →


How many times - hands open, palms upwards - like this? Frequency shameful, cheeks burn and tremor passes, detested with self. A weakness passed down from parent to child condemned to history parallel. Blood may be tinged with exotic, but... Continue Reading →

Long-Used to Emptiness

The rain she'd not have felt if wind hadn't awoken skin to touch - sensation closed off from dermis long-used to emptiness of caress - pale flesh goose-pimpled at the cold recollection of his departure. She shivers, teeth clamped shut... Continue Reading →

Eye to Eye

Eye to eye yet connection lost in discourse fluid, 'tween contemplating collective versus singular - oh, to not return to that, personage unconnected. Disconnected too, amid the throng, thinking over much not on link ocular - or perhaps rare attraction... Continue Reading →

Immoveable Stains

A chipped mug on small table's edge - too close, might fall - a remnant from times lit brighter, lighter than now, the coffee cold; heart the same.   Were it to fall, shards wouldn't be as sharp as the broken... Continue Reading →

Listen to the Void

Snow was falling - trying to fall.  Merely dust-like beyond glass splash painted with dried grime of rain. A futile white wash on a world grey with fatigue, blue-hued from screens ever on.  Cloud-covered skies, minds veiled in electricity -... Continue Reading →

Life Drawing

An object for an hour, she was used to being watched: admired, feared; distracted by and studied. But most of all drawn. The sound of pencil on paper, the raspy smudge of a thumb through graphite or urgent rub of... Continue Reading →

The Knowing

After the rattle of the train journey, the pace of the city streets - so much faster than that of those in the country - brought a comforting anonymity to her progression to the bar. Here, she could be who... Continue Reading →


The voices rose aloft - choral song a matin more apt than winged chirping and spiral ascension of notes natural, yes, though lacking in human sentiment.   Heavy, the remnant somnolent veil this morning; limbs disinclined to lift from sheets... Continue Reading →

Down in the Dark

Bitter the taste, bile rising, as it sinks in deep - this is actually happening.  Nauseated wave near knocks her out; a sway or two, but still erect.  Flutter, O Heart, thy end be near.  Down, down in the dark,... Continue Reading →

The Rain Came in the Night

The rain came in the night, washed away history's news, but brought something worse to torment the day with its liquid torrent, too fluid to pin down; or take a moment and with logic surround.  What next?  ran his dully aching... Continue Reading →

Sight Closed To Better See

Fingers to eyelids press, sight closed to better see memory and recall.  Face in grimace, he imagines what went before or happened then. And a thought - Did I..? - heralds fatigue, a weighted veil descends and settles over shoulders tight... Continue Reading →

Dark Pools

Her face a flame drawing moths in, light a soft caress of flawless skin - rays like fingertips stroke a statue; a mute song to beauty (so they said). And as cold as stone.  A look closer and the sheen... Continue Reading →

Flight Without Body

The small feather was born aloft as the pillow - now plumped, sunken shadows of sleeping heads removed - its position found once more. Adrift, white and fragile remnant of bird once winged - free to hope, to soar; free... Continue Reading →

Leaf Blown, Violent Dash

Leaf blown, violent dash across rear vision - a sight to distract if not enough to crash, but she starts in alarm not sounded. A jolt to move the body - rigid before, tense from fear - to livid, quick... Continue Reading →

Magic Yet Lives On

One word, two; veritable stream of consciousness waterfall onto screen, to paper (dependent on each creator) - routine tremulous as a string; musical or cordial.   A sigh for anxiety's release, pressure for output a constant even fresh air and... Continue Reading →

Tidings, Whispers

Green shoots fingers clawing towards the sun above earth damp from thawing frost (yet real threat to stirring bulbs). Not spring, but first hope of renewal; initial verdancy a promise of solar heat and smiles out of doors, surrounded by... Continue Reading →

The Dogs Ran Free

Bloated shrew immobile, almost crushed under booted foot as the dogs ran free - like wolves, in pursuit of the glorious rubious fox - over grassy fields, under and through morning dappled shadows of the majestic towering pines. Temperately free,... Continue Reading →


Booted feet set to street covered in ice, not melted by grit. A missed spot on which to slip, to fall, face near dirty grates steaming from underground as the cars rush by, exhaust fumes pungent clouds, mixed with marzipan... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Waking

Mist pendant over grass strung with webs, strung like harps to sing in the dawn, mark Nature's waking, light opening like a lover's eyes to reveal the world - the earth, the trees - to caress with soft breeze all surrounding,... Continue Reading →

Woollen Nostalgia

Arm, goose-fleshed in morning reveal to chill air of the room, tells her the dawn lights a frost brought under cover of night and brightly shining stars, cold and removed from Earth by some many millions of miles.   She... Continue Reading →

Liquid Congregation

Condensation on the glass, beading to run a rivulet down, down to join raindrops pooled and shuddering with each added brother, sister - congregation gliding along the outer frame. A hand she places, quick warmth glowing, growing outwards and she barks... Continue Reading →

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