Borders (Re)Imagined

New writing across genres and fictional worlds; a new voice in an increasingly writing world.


Booted feet set to street covered in ice, not melted by grit. A missed spot on which to slip, to fall, face near dirty grates steaming from underground as the cars rush by, exhaust fumes pungent clouds, mixed with marzipan... Continue Reading →


Nature’s Waking

Mist pendant over grass strung with webs, strung like harps to sing in the dawn, mark Nature's waking, light opening like a lover's eyes to reveal the world - the earth, the trees - to caress with soft breeze all surrounding,... Continue Reading →

Woollen Nostalgia

Arm, goose-fleshed in morning reveal to chill air of the room, tells her the dawn lights a frost brought under cover of night and brightly shining stars, cold and removed from Earth by some many millions of miles.   She... Continue Reading →

Liquid Congregation

Condensation on the glass, beading to run a rivulet down, down to join raindrops pooled and shuddering with each added brother, sister - congregation gliding along the outer frame. A hand she places, quick warmth glowing, growing outwards and she barks... Continue Reading →

Leaf Snow

A morning stroll through woodlands still dark, unblessed by light of dawn, and the birds are singing her welcome to their realm. Leaf snow falls upon her head, to her feet, joining pine cones and other debris to crunch beneath... Continue Reading →

Dead Battery

A string, a sound to touch the heart; a voice, a word that plays like a harp to sensibilities heightened, sharp, on edge even in the dawn-lit world.   It crackles.   With a whirl, a rush to catch-up with... Continue Reading →


She counted not silver in the palm of her hand; neither gold. But copper now her skin, stained fingertips from the scrounge for pennies; a tuppence. The hat, it held a mountain within - but precious metal ever lacked.  She... Continue Reading →

The Crow and the Toad

The crow was back. His beady eyes alert as ever, head - strangely bald, feathers pulled by some other bird perhaps - cocked to one side, the other: ever moving to keep her in sight. A hop forward and he... Continue Reading →

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